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texture's Journal

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Texture Exploration
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This community has specific guidelines; please review them. I know there is a lot to them, but they pay off. The quality of this community is a result of excellent submissions from members and these fairly exacting guidelines.

Welcome everyone, if I haven't already done so personally. The exploration of the surfaces around you is terribly interesting, and I think it's fairly obvious with some of the amazing pictures we've had contributed.

This community was created for the purpose of exploration of visual texture (with a focus on surfaces). This is primarily limited to photography. Anyone can join and submit, but keep it focused on images of textures. Text is not welcome.

Entries with text will be deleted without warning; I am only concerned about the visual texture itself, not it's story. Feel free to lj-cut descriptions if absolutely necessary. I ask this because I feel the text distracts from the pure image appreciation. The page looks much better without text as well.

Entries that break the layout or natural flow of the community page will be removed. If an image is excessively big (generally meaning more than 120k or over 700px wide), please use the lj-cut tag, as explained in the FAQ. This minimizes load time for our less fortunate dial-up users, and keeps an entry from breaking a page or looking ridiculous. Resized images are always preferred to a cut, so balance your quality, image size, and file size appropriately. Images that are too small or awkwardly sized may be removed for cohesion as well (you will be notified, and are always invited to resubmit at appropriate sizes).

Entries with hosts that put banners on the images will be deleted. Banners ruin both the mood and look of the community, while at the same time defacing the images that are altered by them. The same will apply for images with distractingly large "signatures" or watermarks.

Entries with broken images will be deleted. They provide nothing to the community whatsoever. I will give most broken images a day or so before I delete them, and I also might comment so you know.

Entries with images that are low-resolution or are especially badly compressed will be deleted. Images with excessive artifacts from bad jpeg compression are included in this. Low quality images don't further the goals of the community, as textures tend to be finely detailed.

I do not hesitate when maintaining this community. I hate to do it, but I delete entries that don't fit the ideals of the community. This especially includes entries with text, images with banners, broken images, and low-quality images. Most of the time I leave a comment before deleting something, but there are no guarantees. If something is deleted in error it can be resubmitted.

Thanks again for participating in (or even watching) this community. It has grown immensely, and only for the better.

creator == sarcasmosis. maintenance lieutenant == gardenofevils. special guest moderators watch from the shadows.


еда, птицы

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